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Over the years I have welcomed more elementary aged children, children from native Italian parents, and have watched our current students grow into a level that now requires a more advanced study of the Italian language. This new course is a year long program that teaches Italian grammar, writing and reading in fun, natural ways, that are made easy for the kids to grasp.

I am very excited about this course, especially because I have received pedogogical materials from Italy that are used for school aged children over there.

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Stay tuned for our progress throughout the year. To register click here. I have been trying to bring our programming to this village for a while, but never seemed to be able to find a location.

West Harrison was very receptive thanks also to a great referral by a loyal client , and is looking forward to working with us. We will be holding three separate classes there on Mondays. You can find registration information here. All my ideas are inspired by you — our families and the children. Keep your comments coming and should you have any ideas, pass them along.

I love your inspiration! Today was the final day of Camp Italiano! These past two weeks have gone by so fast and it was sad to have to say goodbye to all of our great campers. They have been such an enthusiastic group and we really appreciate their involvement in the camp. The theme being gelato was the perfect way to end the camp. We started off introducing the many different flavors of gelato to the kids.

They shouted out which were their favorites and then we taught them how to say i gusti in Italian. Many of the campers preferred cioccolato or fragola. We even showed them the gesture Italians use to say something is good! The gesture is placing the tip of your index finger to your cheek and rotating it back and forth as you can see below:. Then we played a little game where we taught the kids how to order a gelato from a gelateria.

They had to say the name of what gusto di gelato they wanted, then the size piccolo, medio, o grande , and if they wanted it in un cono o una coppetta. Then they had to pay the gelataio 2 euro for their ice cream. After all of that practice the real ice cream truck il camion del gelato came! They had a litte picnic and really enjoyed eating their ice cream. The next thing we did was the craft.

The finished product looked delicious. We spent the final minutes of camp saying goodbye to the campers. In order to graduate from Camp Italiano, each camper had to name i tre colori della bandiera italiana verde, bianco, e rosso. If they got them all right, they were given their own bandiera italiana sticker to take home with them. Luckily all of them graduated with flying colors, and were also given a special gift of either le bolle bubbles or i tatuaggi tattoos.

Ci siamo salutati and thanked them for being such great campers. Each and every camper has learned so much over these past two weeks and I hope they will want to continue learning Italian in the future!

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It has been so rewarding watching these young children grow over the past six weeks. After playing the same songs over and over and interacting with the babies, I have noticed that they have indeed learned a great deal. Not only have they been exposed to the Italian language, but they have learned to play and share with one another, handle the toys and puppets appropriately, and be a part of a class. For me, just seeing the smiles on their faces as we play and sing songs in Italian is enough to prove that they are getting something out the class. Their enthusiasm is wonderful and hopefully will last should they choose to continue to learn Italian.


Getting musical requests from the children themselves is very exciting! They have been a great group of children and it was sad to have to say goodbye to them. Perhaps next summer ci incontriamo di nuovo. I would like to see if any or all of them have continued taking Italian classes throughout the year and have learned more!

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Today we made la pizza! We immediately started the day off making our craft which was a pizza paper plate. We used paint and paper cut-outs to make the pizza come alive.

The campers were able to choose whatever toppings they wanted for their own personal pizzas. We then had some play time where the campers played with a Pizza Puzzle and, again, were encouraged to be creative by making the pizza whichever way they wanted. They had a great time working together to prepare the pizza. Storytime was next.

After listening to the story about pizza, we learned how to make a pizza! We talked about which ingredienti ci vogliono per fare una pizza.

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We then dressed up as cuochi, putting on grembiuli e cappelli da cuoco. Properly dressed to make pizza, we sat around the table and learned about all of the ingredients.


Each camper said the name of the ingredient in Italian and ha sentito il profumo. We talked about how some ingredients, like sale e mozzarella, do not have a strong scent, whereas other ingredients like salsa di pomodoro e basilico , do have a strong scent. First we spread olive oil on the pizza dough, or la pasta. Then we put un pizzico di sale sopra la pasta. Poi, each camper ha spalmato la salsa di pomodoro all over the pizza. Poi ci abbiamo messo la mozzarella e il basilico. As the pizzas cooked nel forno , the children played outside.

Asciugamani Per Il Pesce

By the time the pizzas were ready, the children had tanta fame! They really enjoyed eating the delicious pizza. For more photos please visit our facebook page. Others also say, on a regular basis, that their children sing the sogs we learn at camp throughout the rest of the day at home. Hearing that the children are enjoying themselves, learning Italian, and are enthusiastic about coming to camp each day fills us with joy. Please leave commenti if you would like to share anything else with us! Today we talked about le verdure e la frutta.

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We started the day off coloring in a bunch of fruits and vegetables. Before introducing the new theme of the day, we reviewed our numbers and colors as always. The kids love pointing to all of the numbers and animals while we sing. Nico always loves handing out and collecting le bacchette magiche when we do ordine.