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Penso que sim. A certa altura, pensei fazer estudos de filosofia, mas quando entrei na E. Mas, mesmo assim, conhecia. Nunca esquecerei esse livro. E, depois, todos aqueles estudantes, aquelas burguesias nacionais, camponeses, tudo isto era absolutamente apaixonante.

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Estamos nos anos sessenta e Nehru acaba de morrer. Um livro pequeno, mas muito bem feito.

Fiz uma licenciatura em Sociologia. Um dia fui ao curso de H. Podemos considerar que o mesmo processo ocorreu ou ocorre para a historiografia africana? Assim, quando chegou o momento de ler o Orientalismo , eu disse, SIM. Portanto, geografia e pluralidade no tempo e na cronologia.

Acredita na utilidade social do historiador? Durante muito tempo, evitei trabalhar directamente sobre o Congo. Precisamente por causa disso. Sabemos que ele dedicou quarenta ou cinquenta anos da sua vida para acabar esse livro.

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Colocar-me sempre em causa, relativamente aos pares. O debate sobre o fim da guerra, sobre a paz, sobre o processo eleitoral, trazendo para esse mesmo debate o olhar do historiador. Portanto, trata-se de restituir estes processos. However, I could not tell people directly that we were in the presence of geo-engineering maneuvers or that they were spraying highly flammable metals. This is very difficult to understand, to explain, because it seems all too absurd. A silence of the sort "I do not want to breathe because I do not know what will happen".

I was afraid something great was about to unfold, "Conny says. Joost, however, came to the house and brought some people with him because they were there more securely. Also a friend of the couple, who lived in a farm in the forest, had sought refuge with them.

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At that point, we were all still playing, "says Conny. Sepp, the son of Joost, left to meet his friends in the village. At about PM, he returned home running, exhausted, warning that the fire is already in the Ervedal da Beira, no more than two miles away. The three of them, Conny, Joost, and Sepp, left together.

At that moment, they saw a half-kilometer flame, something too grandiose to be natural. The whole "beam" was dark red, and on top of that projection, I saw small dark red and blue clouds rolling. The noise that was heard was very strange and strong. At that moment, I asked the other two, "Are you listening to this?

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Do you see this? If it had been just me, no one would believe it, "admits Conny. More than half a year later, a person continues to process everything he experienced that day. For me, it is theoretically possible that, after the Ervedal, this laser, launched by an airplane or commanded by a computer, has advanced towards the forest. I did not see it because it was inside the courtyard of my house, but the others who were with us report that the forest behind the house disappeared in less than ten minutes. How many of these stories will be revealed?

Without electricity, many people did not have access to water since, in villages, it is common for people to have their own water, only accessible using pumps that run on electricity only. We do not have network water, as do many other people. When the houses began to burn, the people were left with no means of reaction. We at least had a reserve tank with liters of water. There are those who report the same kind of occurrences in the monstrous fires of California. All this broke out from a great silence.

Even nature itself was silent. The couple in the forest of the couple took their motorcycle and crossed the flames to go to their farm to save their friends, having managed to bring dogs and other animals. Unmatched, Joost and I hooked up the hoses and started wetting the surrounding area. In a few minutes, I was still holding a hose, part of the patio, just above the firewood, began to burn. In a short time I managed to extinguish the flames. Sparks fell everywhere and made a deafening noise as they touched the tin roof of one of the outer structures. These sparks fell as hard as I had ever witnessed in previous fires, they seemed to be being dumped somewhere, "Conny recalls.

There are many different details of this fire that consumed a large part of the forest in Central Portugal. About five o'clock in the morning, Conny decided to rest for a while.

Translation of «armazém» into 25 languages

Before collecting, she took advantage of the telecommunication network to send an SMS to relatives in Germany to reassure them, confirming that she was okay with it. His message caught everyone off guard, no one was aware of what was happening in Portugal. Apparently, foreign media did not treat the event as catastrophic, many of them have not even mentioned it.

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In those who reported it, the October 15 fire was portrayed as a "normal fire. Already on the 16th, Conny wakes up for a foggy morning. It was not a whitish fog, but rather yellow, very dense. He took pictures he sent to specialists he had contact with since then, but he still has not got a convincing answer. He was sure that even that morning color was not usual. Such accuracy may also be attributed to the work of a laser that has been operated to operate at this point.

A Porto physicist also pointed to the strange fact that the quartz, present in the forest, had left. HAARP is a program that has spread antennas, similar to those of the operators of our mobile phones, only of greater reach, that allow to capture and diffuse electromagnetic waves with varied ends, namely warlike ones, "reveals Conny conviniently.

Also on the grounds were orange patches, which looked like lentils. One idea seems to be to consolidate itself: the summer fire of October will have been fed in a continuous regime and the presence of bizarre aerial means, sighted by the most diverse people of the most varied quadrants and areas at different times of that day, seems to assume a preponderant role. They are witnesses to whom one has to give voice.

Or because houses uninhabited in Pebbles da Beira, suddenly, on the morning of the 16th, they will have begun to burn, from nothing, after an explosion has been heard.

Or because there are innumerable sheds that have a strange hole in the roof, only likely to be observed in those whose roofs have not fallen.