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So popular were his works, that, for centuries after his death, Christian authors wrote hundreds of pseudepigraphal works in his name. He has been called the most significant of all of the fathers of the Syriac-speaking church tradition. Isaac of Antioch — , one of the stars of Syriac literature , is the reputed author of a large number of metrical homilies The fullest list, by Gustav Bickell , contains which are extant in MSS , many of which are distinguished by an originality and acumen rare among Syriac writers.

Isaac of Nineveh was a 7th-century Syriac bishop and theologian best remembered for his written work. He is also regarded as a saint in the Church of the East , the Catholic Church , the Eastern Orthodox Church and among the Oriental Orthodox Churches, making him the last saint chronologically to be recognised by every apostolic Church. His feast day falls on January 28 and in the Syriac Orthodox calendar on March Isaac is remembered for his spiritual homilies on the inner life, which have a human breadth and theological depth that transcends the Nestorian Christianity of the Church to which he belonged.

They survive in Syriac manuscripts and in Greek and Arabic translations. The Desert Fathers were early monastics living in the Egyptian desert; although they did not write as much, their influence was also great. Many of their, usually short, sayings are collected in the Apophthegmata Patrum "Sayings of the Desert Fathers". In the Catholic Church, John of Damascus , who lived in the 8th century, is generally considered to be a Doctor of the Church and at the same time the first seed of the next period of church writers, scholasticism. The Eastern Orthodox Church does not consider the age of Church Fathers to be over and includes later influential writers up to the present day.

The Orthodox view is that men do not have to agree on every detail, much less be infallible, to be considered Church Fathers. Rather, Orthodox doctrine is determined by the consensus of the Holy Fathers—those points on which they do agree. This consensus guides the church in questions of dogma , the correct interpretation of scripture , and to distinguish the authentic sacred tradition of the Church from false teachings. The original Lutheran Augsburg Confession of , for example, and the later Formula of Concord of —, each begin with the mention of the doctrine professed by the Fathers of the First Council of Nicea.

Though much Protestant religious thought is based on sola scriptura the principle that the Bible itself is the ultimate authority in doctrinal matters , [ citation needed ] the first Protestant reformers, like the Catholic and Orthodox churches, used the theological interpretations of scripture set forth by the early Church Fathers. John Calvin 's French Confession of Faith of states, "And we confess that which has been established by the ancient councils, and we detest all sects and heresies which were rejected by the holy doctors, such as St.

Hilary, St.

Athanasius, St. Ambrose and St. The Thirty-nine Articles of the Church of England , both the original of and the American version of , explicitly accept the Nicene Creed in article 7. Even when a particular Protestant confessional formula does not mention the Nicene Council or its creed, its doctrine is nonetheless always asserted, as, for example, in the Presbyterian Westminster Confession of Many Protestant seminaries provide courses on Patristics as part of their curriculum, and many historic Protestant churches emphasize the importance of tradition and of the fathers in scriptural interpretation.

Such an emphasis is even more pronounced in certain streams of Protestant thought, such as Paleo-Orthodoxy. Works of fathers in early Christianity , prior to Nicene Christianity , were translated into English in a 19th-century collection Ante-Nicene Fathers.

Saint Augustine of Hippo

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Augustine of Hippo

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Augustine of Hippo

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Retrieved 2 November Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved World Digital Library. Retrieved 6 March John Chrysostom". In Roth, Cecil ed. Keter Publishing House. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. New York: Oxford University Press. Gregory I at about. Symbols of the cross in the writings of the early Syriac Fathers.