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Trust and consistency are also components of healthy relationships.

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In my work as a therapist, I have sat with many who were not permitted to speak their truth. It was created in by someone with the pseudonym Juan Mann and since then it has become a world-wide phenom. In about an hour, I estimate that we hugged a few hundred people.

Yes, No, Maybe So: Conscious Consent and Boundary Setting

We had our signs and open arms and inquired if people wanted a hug. If they said yes, we shared a moment in time with each other. If they declined, we thanked them and moved on. Can I join you? I was to discover a few months later, how prescient that revelation was.

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On the way home from the gym on June 12, , I had a heart attack. As part of my cardiac rehab, I walked around Doylestown, PA. What occurred to me was that I could add hugging to the mix since hugs are emotionally heart friendly as well as physically heart healthy. One artist friend designed the logo which is a heart with arms and hands.

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The ways in which it no pun intended touches on the topic of boundaries and consent is that if someone declines a hug, there are other options such as handshakes, high fives, fist bumps or virtual hugs. Some people, for their own reasons are simply not at ease with touch from a stranger.


I have many affectionate friends and family members who would not take it to the streets as I do. Since its inception, Hugmobsters has received wonderful media coverage print, radio and television. No Maybe,,, by.

Liz Pichon. No Maybe,,, Yes! No Maybe Tom Gates: Tom Gates:Yes! See All 4 editions. Featured Book.

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    In Finland, as in other European countries, young adults are postponing parenthood to an ever-later age. Our intention is to investigate expressions of reproductive intentions, and particularly, to focus on the division of intentions between more positive and more hesitant expressions. We examine how education, factors related to economic security and values relate to childbearing hesitation among young adults.

    We also use information on the reasons that the young themselves have provided to examine differences in fertility intentions.